This Love

My whole being 

Is on fire 

With this love 

And I want to shout about it from rooftops 

And keep it hidden in the innermost parts 

This love quiets me 

And turns up the volume on everything 

All of life is singing 

Of this love 

That is so ordinary 

And is the holiest of holy 


This love 

That blossoms flowers 

And laughs children 

And exhales last breath

This love 

That smashes all expectations 

That liberates hearts

And perplexes minds 

This love 

That makes whole what is broken

Breaking apart what presumes to be whole. 

This love 

That is rain 

And ocean 

And forest 

And gentle touch 

This love that cannot comprehend 

That feels 

That knows 

That listens 

This love that simply is

Always has been

And shall ever be

That longs to pierce through 


This love


Is the veil 

Lifetimes spent 

Pouring over books

struggling to put words

Shape metaphor 

Create art 

For the sake of this




We curse

This love

We ache and moan and quiver 

From this love 

We fight for

Rise up for

Lay down our lives for 

This love 

We chase and evade and embody and spread and celebrate

This love

This love that cycles 

And creates worlds 

This love that bears buckets of tears

That have been drawn

From the never ending 

wells of grief 

this love that enwombs 

Hearts in the humblest compassion

This tender 

Grace drenched love 

That remembers us


And over 

And over 


Yael Schonzeit