Dare to Bless the Love

Join Yael for her weekly free worship service “Love and Longing” through Dare to Bless the Love. DBL is an online and internationally based inter-faith / multi-religious community offering free worship services and accessible spiritual care.

“Love and Longing” is a space to pray, connect and receive revelation in community. We gather every Sunday @ 5 pm PST/8pm EST to dive deep into the heart and restore our spirits through embodied practice and creative expression. Weekly services weave chant, movement, meditation, exploration of sacred text, and group haspha’ah (attuning to the Divine in our lives). All who are called are welcome to this multi-religious service that draws deeply from Jewish/Hebrew practices and wisdom traditions.

Sundays at 5:00 PM PT/ 6:00 PM MT/ 7:00 PM CT/ 8 PM ET

The mission and purpose of Dare to Bless the Love is to encourage peacemaking, individually and collectively. We do this together and we cannot do it without you. We feel more peace being revealed in our practice lives and our worship in community as we connect, engage, grow spiritually and practice accountability. We look forward to your showing up with us to practice in weekly communal experience of gratitude, devotion, holy listening, witnessing, exploring embodied practices, processes of reflection, sharing deeply of your unique divine understandings, and living ever more fully into those understandings as we remember our oneness and realize our wholeness.