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Jewish Ancestral Healing Online Course (Taught by Rav Kohenet Taya Shere, Supporter Yael Illah)

Jewish Ancestral Healing Online Course // February - May 2019

The Jewish Ancestral Healing Online course includes three personal Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions with Taya Mâ or ancestral lineage healing practitioner Yael illah, content material on Jewish ancestor reverence practices delivered in audio and written format, and optional (recorded) monthly group video calls. The three personal sessions include an assessment of students’ four primary bloodlines and continue toward connecting with an ancestral guide to anchor blessing and bring healing / repair through one of the lineages.

In our opening call (optional / recorded), we'll review the principles of the Ancestral Lineage Healing model and set clear intentions for the work.  The second two calls (optional / recorded) are check-in and integration calls, space for sharing experiences, questions, receiving feedback and connecting in community. Audio and written content of the course highlights Jewish ancestral reverence practices including working with stones, yahrzeit practices of remembering, the ancestralization practice of reciting Mourner's Kaddish, the practice of pilgrimage known as Hillula, and more. 

Course registration is $475 upfront or 3 monthly installments of $180 (totaling $540).  For registration details, fill out the contact form.

Video calls are Sundays February 3 and March 3 @ noon Pacific / 3 pm Eastern, April date TBA - calls are optional and are recorded for those who can’t attend.